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Project Team

Ekaterina Léaustic
Project Manager

T +49 821 2572-302
ekaterina.leaustic(a /mailpro).tect> t)


Nadja Katnani
Exhibition Manager

T +49 821 2572-202
nadja.katnani(a /mailpro).tect> t)

Madeleine Prüfer
Exhibition Manager

T +49 821 2572-311
madeleine.pruefer(a /mailpro).tect> t)


Carina Löser-Bacanu
Project Manager Services

T +49 821 2572-206
carina.loeser(a /mailpro).tect> t)


Theresa Schweihofer
Project Assistant Services

T +49 821 2572-129
theresa.schweihofer(a /mailpro).tect> t)


Oliver Griesz
Head of Marketing and Communication

T +49 821 2572-112
presse(a /mailpro).tect> t)